Thai Takeaway


Feel like nesting at home or in the park?

Takeaway now available from 5pm – late 

Order in person at the bar or send your order through via text



Thai prawn crackers $4


Spring rolls, house sweet chilli sauce (v) 3 for $12


Steamed Bao, Beef Brisket, hoisin, pickle $11 each


Tangy Chicken Wings, sweet and sour tamarind $16

Prawn, betel leaf, coconut, peanuts, pomelo (gf) 3 for $21


Local citrus, betel leaf, coconuts, peanuts, pomelo (gf, v) 3 for $21

Thai street food peanut & coconut relish. finger lime, chilli, cucumber, rice cracker (gf, v)                                             3 for $15


Wagyu Beef Skewers, cooked on thai coals, house satay sauce, cucumber relish                                  3 for $18



Pork belly, sticky caramel, coriander, lime $24

*kids love this dish – add plain Bao bun $4 each                                                 

Slow cooked beef ribs, ginger and crispy cassava (gf) $34


Yellow Curry of Pork, potatoes, baby onions (gf) $34

Green Curry of Sweet Potato, bbq eggplant (v, gf) $30

+ duck breast $10

 Davidson Plum Duck, star anise, coriander (gf) $35


Wok fried eggplant, turmeric,                                    chilli, lime (gf, v) $29


Thai Spiced Spanish Mackerel, from the wok (gf) $34


Asian greens, mushrooms, broth  (gf)                           $15



Rice   / 4

Plain Bao Bun  / 4 each

Fresh chilli HOT    /  3

Siracha HOT   /   3